Associated Companies


We are proud to be associated with the organizations listed here, and offer a variety of services in conjunction with them.

  • The Lions Lead’s mission is to transform the effectiveness of leaders with fully validated, proprietary cognitive and behavioral assessment instruments.  They have a wide array of high-impact leadership services which includes executive coaching, team building and serving leadership training that leads to increased personal and organizational performance and improves corporate culture.  Ray Hoskins and Associates is a Channel Partner for the Lions Lead  Contact Us for more information about Lions Lead Assessment and related services.

  • The Academy for Competent Youth Work (ACYW) offers many services to child and youth serving organizations.  We provide a 40-hour training that introduces entry-level practitioners to basic concepts and skills in professional child and youth care.  The classes are based on competencies for entry-level practice included in CYC Certification Institute and national CYC certification credentialing requirements.  These competencies represent concepts important to work in any of the major practice settings in the field,   Participation in the course helps prepare students for successful careers working with children and youth and for certification testing.

    ACYW also offers the Youth Thrive training.  This training covers a set of key competencies that have been shown to help young people increase protective and promotive factors while reducing risk factors.  Research shows that these supports help young people move beyond trauma to become more resilient in addressing their developmental needs.

    This course presents the key components of the newly developed Youth Thrive Framework including the impact of trauma on young peoples’ development, youth resilience, the importance of social connections, helping young people better understand their own development, concrete supports in times of need, and social, emotional, behavioral, intellectual and moral competence in youth.  Contact Us for more information about Academy Services

  • The Indiana Youth Institute promotes the healthy development of Indiana children and youth by serving the people, institutions, and communities that impact their well-being.  They support Indiana youth-serving organizations through a variety of means and offer very cost-effective services to help these organizations grow, succeed, and increase their effectiveness.  If you are an Indiana Youth Serving Organization, visit to check out their consulting services.