Live and Online Education Services


Serving organizations have been slow to adopt online education as a major part of preparing their training mix.  Most large nonprofits, except for the medical sector, do not have sophisticated online training strategies.  This is a major area for quality improvement and growth.

Those who have adopted online strategies have purchased services from content delivery companies like Relias Learning.  These companies have good content, and limited abilities to provide courses which the organization designs through their framework.

However, the most effective types of online training include instructor to student interaction and student to student interaction, and these providers do not offer those opportunities.

We help nonprofits develop training strategies which are a mix of live and online training, and take advantages of the strengths of each type.  Online training can actually be a superior method for teaching knowledge and some types of decision-making skills. There are, however, some human interaction skills which can’t be taught well through this strategy.

Our online development team is comprised of experienced educators, instructional designers, writers, and content expert experts in leadership, coaching, child and youth care and several other areas.  We can handle both small and large projects.

We have been honored to produce courses for Child and Youth Care Workers, and those who work with Runaway and Homeless Youth.  Let us help you design the most effective training mix for your organization.

If your organization needs to improve it’s training effectiveness, contact us about meeting with you to discuss your best potential training strategies and setting up online systems that can work for you.